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Facilitator's welcome message, 26 April 2021

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Day 1 of 2030 Compass CoLab, which seeks to elicit insights from you about the synergies and trade-offs between the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

I will be the facilitator guiding you through this journey. A few times per week, I will send emails that will offer brief summaries of the inputs so far, highlight key themes and questions arising, and address any elements of the process that require clarification. Overall, my goal is to ensure you feel able and encouraged to contribute to the process.

By now, you should have received an email from with a link to log into the site. More details on the log in process are included below. Once you have logged in, you will be able to submit your ideas.

During the first week of the exercise, we invite you to submit your perspective on synergies and trade-offs between SDGs within your area of primary expertise.

In weeks 2 and 3, we will invite you to submit in areas adjacent to your field of expertise and to comment on the submissions of others.

More details on how to prepare a submission are also included below.

We also invite you to visit the About page, which gives more information on the project and two key concepts behind it:

  • interaction score, a metric for gauging the level of synergy vs. tradeoff between a pair of SDGs; and

  • factor, a characteristic of a nation or region that has the potential to influence the nature of the interaction between a pair of SDGs.

Also useful is Resources on Factors,, which lays out the characteristics of countries in the top and bottom quarter on 18 key factors identified in our team’s prior research.

Thank you for participating in this exercise. It should be a fun week! We hope you will enjoy engaging with wide range experts from all around the world involved in this effort.

Please email me anytime with questions.

Best wishes,

Logging into 2030 Compass CoLab site
Earlier today, each of you should have received an invitation email with a unique login link (URL).

If you did not receive such an email, you might want to check your spam folder, as past participants have found such messages sometimes have been directed there.

When you click on the unique link in your email, it will open a web page. On that page, there will be a Log in button. When you click on that button, you will have access to the 2030 Compass CoLab site.

After you’ve clicked on your unique link the first time, your browser will remember you for the duration of the exercise and log you in automatically whenever you go to

Your log in link is tied to the device and browser you use. If you would like to use more than one device (for example laptop plus tablet), you will need to click this link separately for each one.

We have already uploaded a short biography and photo for each of you onto the 2030 Compass CoLab website. Feel free to edit or update your profile if you like. To do so, click on your name at the top right-hand corner of any page and choose My profile. Then click on “Manage my profile and settings” and make any edits you would like and click on Save.

Submitting your ideas
To submit an idea, go to the Participate tab. The default view shows a list of all 17 SDGs. If you would like to view the SDG pairs laid out in a 17x17 array, you can click on matrix view.

In the list view, you can submit an idea by clicking on one of the SDGs and then clicking on the Contribute button, which will open a web form.

In the matrix view, you can click on a cell in the matrix, and the same web form will open; in this case, the pair of SDGs associated with that cell will already be filled in on the form.

In the form, you will be invited to complete the following fields.

  • Summary (280 characters). This is what other participants will see when they browse the web site, so you will want to use it to express the essential idea behind your submission.

  • Which SDG interaction is being assessed, e.g. if a country or region makes progress on SDG X, what will be the likelihood of making progress on SDG Y?

  • Which factor (e.g., gross national income, governance effectiveness, fresh water supply, other) is your submission addressing.

  • Interaction score on a scale from -3 (highly conflicting) to +3 (highly complementary) for countries that are at three varying levels for the chosen factor:

    • high (top quarter of countries),

    • medium (middle two quarters),

    • low (bottom quarter).

  • Brief description of the mechanisms by which the factor under consideration, and variations in its level, can be expected to influence the interaction between the chosen pair of SDGs.

Once you have completed the form, hit the Save button and it will appear on the site. You may want to hit Save soon after you start to avoid losing work. You can always edit after saving.

We have pre-seeded the platform with examples to give you a sense of the kind of contributions we are seeking.