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Facilitator's message, May 7

Hi Everyone,

We are now close to the end of Week 2 of activity in 2030 Compass CoLab – Exploring synergies and trade-offs between Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Thank you all for your submitting your ideas.

If you are able to visit the platform over the weekend, we encourage you venture outside of your field of expertise and submit contributions in areas where you have some knowledge and experience. Of course, you can still make contributions within your specialty. We would also invite you to read others’ contributions and comment on those you find interesting.

With this note, we also want to share a recording of a Zoom meeting we held on Thursday this week. In this meeting, we explain the thinking that has led us to assess SDG interactions by examining the influence of factors and why our web form invites you to submit different interactions scores for countries that are at high, medium, and low levels for the factor you selected.

You can watch the recording through the link below:
Access Passcode: XHY2#6NE

The meeting is 1 hour long. In the first half hour participants introduce themselves and their backgrounds, and the last half hour is a brief presentation about the rationale behind the platform and Q&A.

Thank you all once again. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or comments.

Best wishes,