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Facilitator's message, May 12

Hi everyone, 

Thanks for being part of the 2030 Compass CoLab – exploring the interactions between Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

We now have close to 400 contributions submitted by more than 80 active participants, and we would like to encourage them to keep up the good work and continue their contributions. If you have not made any contributions yet, please read others’ submissions and get inspiration to submit at least one contribution of your own.

Our biggest thanks goes to our top ten participants who have contributed 25 or more assessments, comments, and supports during the 2021 exercise:

  • Elizabeth Pollitzer
  • Rosiany Possati Campos
  • Ricardo Castro Nunes De Oliveira
  • Buket Altınçelep
  • Zia Shefaie
  • Stefan Cibian
  • Manuel Aguirre
  • Jonathan Dawes
  • Arnab Mandal
  • Ming-hsu Li

You can see a list of all participants, ranked by number of contributions, on the Community page.

In the remaining days of 2030 Compass CoLab, we encourage you to submit at least one contribution on SDG interactions that have three or fewer submissions. These interactions are highlighted in blue in the matrix view and shown with SDG icons at in the header of each SDG page when using the default view.

We are also seeking contributions that assess the following interactions:

  • Interaction from SDG 16 (starting point) to all other SDGs (target SDG)
  • Interactions from all SDGs (starting point) to SDG 16 (target SDG)
  • Interactions from all SDGs (starting point) to SDG 7 (target SDG)

We invite you to focus on SDG 16 because indicator data is sparse for it, so our quantitative analysis is less complete for this SDG than for others.

We have received fewer contributions than anticipated about the impact of progress on other SDGs on SDG 7, so we would be grateful for insights you can provide on those interactions.

You are also invited to review others’ contributions, support ones where you agree with the assessment, and comment on those you find interesting and/or challenging.

Please note that submissions for 2030 Compass CoLab will close at the end of this week, on Sunday May 16at 11:59 PM Eastern US time.

As always, please get in touch anytime if you have comments or questions.