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Facilitator's message, May 14

Hi Everyone,

Once again thank you for being part of the 2030 Compass CoLab – exploring the interactions between Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Submissions for 2030 Compass CoLab will close on Sunday May 16 at 11:59 PM Eastern US time. We are still looking forward to seeing more contributions over the weekend.

Many thanks to those of who have been actively contributing to this exercise during the past three weeks.

Over the weekend, we invite all participants to:

  • Make at least one contribution within and/or adjacent to your field of expertise. Focus on SDG interactions that have three or fewer submissions. These interactions are highlighted in blue on the matrix view and with SDG icons in the header on each SDG page in the default view.
  • Revisit your previous contributions if you have listed the same +3 interaction score for countries with high, medium, and low values for your chosen factor and adjust your scores as you see appropriate. You can watch our Zoom recording that describes our rationale for assessing the influence of factors. The Zoom session is available at
    Access Passcode: XHY2#6NE.
  • Review others’ contributions, support ones you agree with, and comment on those you find interesting and/or challenging.

We look forward to receiving your final contributions during the last two days of 2030 Compass CoLab.

As always, please get in touch anytime if you have comments or questions.