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Thank you! May 17

Hi Everyone,

Thank you all for your thought-provoking contributions to 2030 Compass CoLab – exploring the interactions between Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

During three weeks of activity on 2030 Compass CoLab, you assessed 504 interactions between SDGs and contributed an additional 212 comments and supports.

We also received feedback from many of you via email, which helped us a lot in thinking about possible improvements for future CoLab exercises, in terms of substance, approach, and interface.

We are now looking forward to analysing and synthesizing your contributions. The results of this exercise, together with inputs from an SDG expert panel and analysis of time series data on SDG indicators, will serve as inputs to the Agenda 2030 Compass tool. Please stay tuned for news on the launch of Agenda 2030 Compass tool.

We also aim at building a community of SDG experts and facilitating the process of knowledge sharing among a network of experts all around the world. This exercise was a valuable starting point for connecting SDG experts and facilitating discussions on the synergies and trade-offs between SDGs.

To this end, we are now looking into possibilities for sustaining 2030 Compass CoLab as a long-term expert crowdsourcing process, and organizing further CoLab exercises to support continuous dialogue on SDGs interactions. We will contact you in due course and update you on the possibilities for participating in future 2030 Compass CoLab exercises.

MIT Center for Collective Intelligence (CCI) is constantly trying to improve and refine the CoLab platform and would be grateful for any input you provide. We will be in touch very soon with a link to an evaluation survey to collect your feedback on the platform and the crowdsourcing process.

Many thanks to you all once again.

Best wishes,