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How contributions will be used

The results of this online exercise will be one of three data sources that will serve as inputs to a knowledge base designed to generate a matrix showing the nature of interactions between SDGs for a selected country or region. 

These matrices will be part of the Agenda 2030 Compass tool that will be used by policy makers, business executives, NGO officials, and leaders of community organization to gain insights into the likelihood that actions they are considering can help to make progress on the SDGs.  

The two other data sources will be used to generate interaction matrices for specific countries/regions:  

Inputs from an SDG expert panel

In late 2019 and early 2020, a panel of 17 experts, one for each SDG, provided inputs on the nature of interactions between SDGs and factors that could influence them.     

Analysis of time series data on SDG indicators

Historical data about the indicators used by the United Nations to track progress on the SDGs, plus a number of other data sources, were analyzed, and correlations between progress on the indicators associated with each SDG pair were calculated to evaluate how progress on one has been related to progress on another in the past.